8 Building the individual foundations

We now move on to building more than a hundred individual foundations, the foundation stones for the subsequent track route of our premiere in Germany. Each foundation will be given its own support shape depending on the respective precise load of the foundation. An unbelievable amount of power is released in Dynamite’s sharp curves. Each foundation is dug after being examined and recorded separately.

7 Blasting the rock for individual foundations

Caution: explosive substance! Germany’s first Big Dipper Coaster isn’t the only thing that’s going to be explosive: the roughly 120 individual foundations cannot be built without dynamite. The bedrock surface is higher in some places in the area of the former silver mine, due to which blasting is necessary. Several boreholes are being made and around 350 m³ of rocks blasted. The sound of the huge explosion resonates through Plohn and its surroundings.

6 Tunnel construction - part 2

The construction of the tunnel for our new major attraction is beginning to take shape. The walls are being built and put up, which will be followed by the ceiling formwork and the casting of the ceiling. The tunnel will be an impressive 7 metres wide, 7 metres high and approx. 25 metres long for Dynamite. Stability is our highest priority because there is still more to be done to the tunnel - we’ll keep you guessing.

4 Start of construction on the tunnel

The construction work on the tunnel begins. A total of more than 200 tons of steel is used, as reinforcement for the foundations, among other things. The floor slab for the tunnel alone devours some 300 m³ of concrete.

3 Earthworks for the tunnel

The preparatory earthworks for the tunnel begin. Enormous masses of earth have to be moved and transported away for this purpose.

5 Construction of the individual foundation footings

Now comes the construction of the foundations. In order to guarantee 100% stability each individual footing has to be put in place right to down to the rock 7 metres deep, including 6 metres of oversite concrete. Every frost-free day is used, in order to maintain the production schedule.

2 Clearing of the building land

The access to the construction site has been prepared and new space created. A few preparations for earthworks up to 7 metres deep are needed, before things can finally get started.

1 Dismantling of Silvermine

Goodbye Silvermine: our venerable roller-coaster is going to a well-earned retirement. It will be divided into individual segments. Possibly one part of it or another will turn up in a new location in the park, who knows?